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About Us

-We are an organization specially established to provide consultation, training and technical support services in all aspects related to management system. As one company offers process, technical and system focused management expertise, we maintain good track record in the field of: Various management system.

-Business improvement and Other value-added services such as NFSA registration Nevertheless, we are always committed to deliver, and continue to deliver highly customize solution that fulfill your needs.

 -Our professional team has a wealth of experience in the application of management tools and techniques in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. 

- We believe that the ability of being able to offer our clients long-term support is very important. Our philosophy is to design and establish a management system that is not only compatible with each client’s company culture but also comply with the International Standard requirements. We guarantee our client’s satisfaction by achieving certification in the most effective and efficient manner at optimum cost.  -When you choose to use our services, we take our responsibility to you seriously – as a partner, not an invigilator, as a cipher to success, not a slave to documentation. You will always be assured of responsive, positive approach to your business. After all, your success is our success. 


We shall not disclose any information in our possession related to the business operations of our clients to third parties without obtaining prior consent of our clients.


We are committed to meet our customer needs and expectations by delivering quality consultancy and training services through cost and time effective management approach and commitment. We shall continuously improve our consultancy and training services to enhance customer satisfaction.


Our team of consultants has experience of working in a wide variety of industry sectors and many differing cultures which equipped them with specialized expertise and practical experience in providing the consultancy services. Each management system is individually developed with the client reflecting the needs of the industry sector and company culture. In this way, early ownership of the system is taken by managers and staff, ensuring successful implementation and lasting benefit from the management system.

BSQ Online Courses

Courses are offered as video tutorials with other interactive materials, such as Quiz, to test your comprehension of information. All courses are evaluated by the recipient, so you can determine the best courses with ease. You can find out how many people are enrolled in any course, and also when the course was updated before you choose it. There are free courses, and paid courses are only worth more than $150 . There is a discussion section attached to each lesson in the course so that you discuss the course presenter or students in any question. Any course you take that you have lifetime access to is not tied to a certain duration. You can leave notes and tags on the videos of the lessons themselves so that you can review them at any time.

The courses are offered by those with expertise in various fields, so you will find many courses talking about the same topics. Thus you have to choose the courses carefully, and look carefully to find the best courses. Courses are not offered in the academic form offered by universities (this is better in practice and what is important is skill), but this may not suit some.